Installing 2 theme that use WooCommerce in 1 multisite installation

I have installed a multisite install of Wordpress and I have 2 themes (Avada and WPMLS [not WMPL] ) which both use WooCommerce and LayerSlider and Revolution Slider (some of the same plugins).

My questions is:
If I install both themes (which are using some of the same plugins), wouldn't that create a conflict when other subsites wan to use the same components? Also, in the Network Admin Panel, the menu already display WooCommerce when the first theme (Avada) is installed, but wouldn't the second theme (WPMLS) override somehow the settings already establish by the first theme?

What I am trying to accomplish is to use Avada as the main site as it is aesthetically nice looking, and use WMPLS to create another separate subsite (subdomain) that behaves as another independent site (to handle course registration as this theme does a great job with this funtionality). In short, I am trying to use both themes under one domain i.e. and have online courses offered in the subsite as

Please let me know if installing both themes like that will create conflicts or what's the best practice for the aforementioned situation.

Thanks. Hoping for a quick reply.
German Cadena