Installing a mp3 player in footer

I wish to install an mp3 player into my footer so that I can have the player play music uninterrupted whilst users can surf to different pages within the site. I know that I install into the footer.php but can not seem to make the thing work……………!!

Thanks in advance,


  • DavidM
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    Hi Jeff,

    Is there something in particular you read regarding a music player playing uninterrupted when in a site’s footer? I don’t think that can be done myself, but figured there might be some special player that maybe works with cookies somehow to achieve that.

    Otherwise, there’s not a way to do that. Each new page load, the music would need to stop, at least until the page is loaded, regardless of where in the site’s HTML (head, foot, body, etc.) the player’s located.

    I imagine you could put the player itself in an iframe or floating window, that’s how I’ve seen it done in the past.


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