Installing a theme with obsolete instructions??

Trying to install a theme for the very first time... SURPRISE! The instructions don't match what is in the ZIP file. According to the instructions, I should be looking for 2 folders in the "theme" folder which is included in the ZIP. Well - there isn't two - there's only one; and they're not named the same thing that the instructions say. Ok - so now after an hour of searching through the damned thing - I realize that they are Generic Instructions ... which don't even reflect what the zip file looks like at all.

Gawsh it sure is great to know that I've shelled out yet another $100+ dollars just so I can write this great support ticket. Putting in the ACTUAL instructions would be something I must have to pay a different premium for I guess.

SO am I to assume that if I click "Upload" in the (add new) page for themes on my network - it will just install the thing properly??? Or do I actually need to read and follow the instructions and try to imagine what they really mean about the file structure of the theme and such?