Installing and Activating for dummies

I am only able to follow the instructions for downloading and installing framemarket up to step 3. Then I simply don't understand the terminology being used. I am running the marketpress and simplemarket on a simple wordpress site, but this is far more complicated.

Is there a step by step video that tells me where to look, where to click, what to type? That is the only way I was able to get Wordpress running on my MAC. Again, I can read the instructions, but I don't understand the terminology.

Many Thanks!

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    OK it works. I spent 45 minutes typing out exactly what I did and all of the links I used as references, but something happened and it is all deleted.

    So if you don't know what FTP is or what filezilla is, go here

    I also used some help from another question where Tammy put the process simply:
    1. Download the theme
    2. Unzip the theme ON your local computer / desktop NOT in any ftp program / filezilla
    3. Copy out the folder under framemarket called themes/ and put that also on your local computer / desktop
    4. Upload the new file on your local computer / desktop called FrameMarket to the server and upload GridMarket
    4. Activate your theme and enjoy :slight_smile:

    She goes on to explain (just like the page Phil sites above) you will need to move the parent (framemarket) and the child (girdmarket).

    I soooo hope I never have to do that again. At least if I do, I know WHAT filezilla is and already have it installed on the computer. Time for a(nother) glass of wine.

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