Installing and using Multi site

Good Morning,

I have downloaded Farm 133 package and I wanted to clarify my thinking before I start the task of uploading etc,

This is the background to my thoughts:

ONe of our websites is focusing on our client base (which we want to expand) and it will be a resource for them and us of course. During setting it up I thought it would be good if we could offer websites to anyone using the Farm package and they woudl come and pay a monthly fee for our hosting the website using one of the themes in the package.

When I looked at some of the literature around the package it seemed like I had perhpas misunderstood and it was a more internal application as opposed to selling externally. And things got a bit confused, because the more I read on certain themes/plugins the less I understood.

Hence this huge written missive...

1. Am I right in assuming I woudl be able to offer websites to the rest of the world by installing the Farm package on our server under

2. Assuming I am right - What else would I need to install with the package to make it work, and work well?

3. Is there anything I can view on doing this

Thank you in advance for your help

Warm regards