Installing Buddypress "Daily Theme", upload,

I am new to this so any guidance you can give as to how to proceed will be much appreciated.

I have downloaded and unzipped the Buddypress “Daily theme to my desk top.

The installation instructions said to upload the contents of the downloaded folder but not the directory folder itself. The installation instructions said to load the uploaded files to;


The contents of the Buddypress Daily theme download folder (folder “xxxx) are set out below:

• Buddypress-daily-theme 3.3 (another Zipped Folder)

• Install-update noticications-php-in-mu-plugins (txt)

• License (txt)

• Readme (HTML)

• Update-notifications (PHP script)

Inside the zipped buddypress-daily-theme 3.3 (Folder, referred to above)

• Another folder; “wpmu-bp-daily 3.3”

• Docs (folder)

Buddydaily-manual (pdf)


• Themes (folder)

Bp-daily (folder)

Bp-daily-child (folder)

I don’t understand what to upload. Please indicate which items should be uploaded and what the path should be. (Should I unzip the Buddypress-daily-theme 3.3 folder before uploading)

Thank you for your help.