Installing BuddyPress on individual sites

I have a multisite network and each sub-site is self-contained and separate. A plugin that I want to get requires BuddyPress, as it uses the BuddyPress profile as the way that each user that has Author privileges can create content, They go to their BuddyPress profile page and from there create content. This plugin is very important for me and I can't get the functionality elsewhere.

I'm trying to see how I can make this work for me. I don't want all of the BuddyPress social networking features and I certainly don't want them globally for the entire network. Can I install BuddyPress and then just activate it on individual sites. I only want those users with Authors privileges to have a BuddyPress Profile Page. Or if I install it globally, it's important that only the Authors within a sub-site should have access to their profile page in that site and they should only be able to create content for sites that they have that role. Can you help shed some light on this for me.