Installing Directory Beta as a landing page within a BuddyPress theme

Hi there and thanks in advance for any help or direction. I'm trying to install and activate the Directory Beta as a landing page within my existing BuddyPress theme. I'm currently using the Salutation theme by Parallelus and trying to wrap the plugin as a subsection of my website:

I'm not exactly clear where to start. I believe it involves creating a template layout, but am not really sure how to do this or how to bring Directory within once I have.

Thank you so much, Matthew

  • DavidM
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    Hi Matthew and first off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Directory is not currently compatible with BuddyPress, I'm afraid, as noted in the project page's sidebar as shown here:

    I believe it could potentially work, but it would likely be better to use CustomPress instead (Directory uses an integrated version of CustomPress, but it's not completely the same).

    You could also potentially use the Membership plugin to provide for all the payment processing and rules needed for users to access the site or not:

    Would that perhaps work for you?


  • realsparks
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    Maybe? I'll give them both a shot. Are they able to work together?

    Ultimately, while I'm trying to have a group of individuals that talks to one another (BuddyPress), the primary function of the site is to have a directory of professionals that is visible to the public and allows visitors to read about each one, see their picture, logo and details and BP is just not cutting it.

    Is Custom Press and Membership still your recommendation based on my goal?

    Thank you! Matthew

  • Mason
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    Hiya Matthew,

    Apologies as this thread appears to have been overlooked. You shouldn't have too much difficulty with BuddyPress and the latest Directory plugin - they just don't have anything built-in to make them work together by default.

    It'll require some custom theme templates, but you can easily look at the ones in the included Directory theme and modify them to match your site. If you have questions on how to do this, just let us know.


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