Installing, Domain Mapping, nothing appears under tools on the sites or the network admin

I am not able to get this to work. I followed the instructions, but cannot get the the Domain Mapping to appear under the tools. The multisite network is working, but this is not appearing.


  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Thomas,

    First off, welcome to the WPMU DEV community!

    It appears your Multisite is just using the IP Address and not an actual domain name, is there any reason why you have done it this way?

    You won't be able to map the main site to a domain because it would usually have the domain you installed the original site on. Have you already purchased a domain that you are wanting to use for your main site?

    This article on moving wordpress might provide some insight into getting your main website onto a domain:

    Our domain mapping plugin will allow you to map subsites to top level domains once your network is all setup :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps! If you still need further assistance let us know.


    • Thomas
      • New Recruit

      I plan to have multiple domains,.... so I was trying to map to the ip address as the base, then have all the sites as domains.

      So if I understand you correctly, I have to set up the base network Wordpress with the domain ( which I can do right now) and this will work?

  • Webmaster
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Not sure why it wouldn't work with an IP address, as far as mapping goes, but I've never tried it. The more traditional way is to set up a WP site (using a domain name), Then make the changes required for multisite to function. (I strongly recommend using sub domains instead of directories).

    Then you go to the network dashboard - then to the "Settings" menu item - then "Domain Mapping", which looks like this:

    That's where you put the IP number if it's not already there.

    Then create a site (which will create a subdomain like

    Next, if all goes well, you should then be able to log into one of your subdomain's dashboard and look uner "Tools" for a different "Domain Mapping" menu item that looks like this:

    If it is there, break from that for a minute and go update the DNS records for the domain name you are about to map. (The domain's "A" records for "@" and for "www" should be the same IP that you put in the Domain Mapping settings in the network dashboard.)

    Finally, go back to the subdomain site (under "Tools", and then "Domain Mapping") and add the domain name as a mapped domain.

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Thomas,

    Thanks a ton for your patience on this one! Are you still having issues here?

    I checked your website and all the links there seem to work now, I'm unable to check the admin side of your network because the support access token appears to be invalid, if you revoke then regrant access I should be able to take a look again.

    It is important to note that Tools > Domain Mapping menu item will only appear on subsites, not on your main site. As @Webmaster mentioned above, there will also be a domain mapping setting in your network admin.

    Let us know where your current situation is at and we'll be happy to help further :slight_smile:

    Thanks again for your patience, look forward to your reply!

    All the best,

    PS. @Webmaster - thanks for chipping in here :slight_smile:

  • Thomas
    • New Recruit

    Hi Tyler Postle,

    Did reinstall on this under a different url ( not the IP address).

    Again the Domain Mapping is under the networking site, but under each site I just cant find how to do this.

    I do have different urls resolving to the apache wordpress location, but the word press wants to make a subsite... so I have the site ste up as and have set up on the site, but I cant map the url in wordpress.

    So I still cant see how to do this in sites, I have to be missing something. I have the Sunshine in the wp-content.php and multisite is working right. Suggestions... Authorizing you to get in.

  • Webmaster
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hey Thomas,

    I know you have help trying to get into your site to look around (which I would certainly do for you, but don't work here, so don't have access to that tool), but in the meantime, you said you set up and I was wondering if that is your multisite install.

    If it is, have you set up a subdomain yet? Something like as your subsite? If multisite is setup correctly that should be easily done by going to the network dashboard, in "Sites" and then "Add new". There you assign the sub domain name (which is confusingly labeled as the "Site Address") and the "Site Title" (which is the human title for the site and usually is the home link at the top of WordPress websites).

    It's a bit convoluted really, because there are two (2) dashboards for your multisite install - one that only handles network-wide tasks, and another that actually manages the main multisite website.

    Up in the admin bar if you hover over "My Sites" you should see "Network Admin" and then below that link will be the names (Site Titles) you assigned to each sub site. So you might see "Network Admin" first and then the main website, such as "My Main Website", as well as all sub site names, such as "My Sub Site", "My Other Sub Site", etc.

    Every sub site should be accessible as a sub-domain of the main multisite's domain name. So to see a new sub site you should be able to go to

    (Of course, your actual subdomain name would have been assigned by you during site setup, and resolution relies on you having already placed a wildcard in the domain name's DNS records.)

    The point is, you can't map a domain name until your sub site already works as a sub domain of the main multisite domain name. Only then can you go to the dashboard for the sub site ( and go look in "Tools" for the mapping tool. THAT is where you map a completely different domain name to resolve to the subdomain's home page.

    Any of this sound or look familiar yet?

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Thomas,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    Has @Webmaster's post above helped you get to the bottom of this? If not, then please grant support access via WPMU DEV > Support > Support Access > Grant Access. From your dashboard.

    I notice you mentioned that support access didn't work for you so if that is still the case then you can send in the admin access privately via our support forum.

    Select topic "I have a different question"

    Then send in the following info:

    Mark subject to me: ATTN: Tyler Postle
    WP login url:
    Admin username:
    Admin Password:

    FTP information will help as well if you can.

    FTP Host:
    FTP Username:
    FTP Password:

    Contact form is located here:

    Once we are able to login then we can see exactly what could be causing an issue here :slight_smile:

    All the best,

  • Webmaster
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    Thomas, Tyler:

    One thing that will prevent domain mapping from working is (as I mentioned above) DNS records. In Thomas' case, he has not mapped asterisk (*) to resolve. That is, will not resolve and send you to a dead page (instead of his web server). Try it:

    Of course, these URLs should resolve the same website as (usually landing on the signup page). So, to at least get on track, you'll need to go to your registrar (or your DNS provider if they are different organizations) and create or modify the DNS wildcard record for

    The record you want to create or modify may not exist, or may currently look something like this:

    * IN CNAME

    Either way, create or change it to this:

    * IN A

    Note that if you use an interface of some sort it will probably look different, but it will still be listed as and "*" record or a "wildcard" record and will be able to set as an "A" record pointing to (I used the address because that's the IP number to which resolves.)

    [wm@support][~]# nslookup

    Non-authoritative answer:

    This appears to be from the Digital Ocean address pool, and lands on a different website, which is fine:

    So if the DNS is at Digital Ocean, you may recruit some help there. Once you get DNS corrected, run back through this post and things will start to click a lot better.

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