Installing Ekushey CRM to my Wordpress

I followed all of these directions:Upload the downloaded zip file to your server in the public_html directory.
? Extract the zip file
? Create a new database from your server mysql.
? Open the file database.php from the directory /application/config/
? Fill up these informations with your database hostname, database username, database password, database name respectively which you have created in the previous step.
? Now from server phpmyadmin go to your database. Select import and choose the file install.sql located in uploads/install.sql
? Now move to the directory /application/config/routes.php and change default controller from ‘install’ to ‘login’
? And you are ready to go now to browse the application.

But I cannot see the CRM on my wordpress! Do i need to insert any custom code to see the front end of the CRM on my Wordpress?

Someone please help so i can see my CRM Dashboard on my website Front end!