Installing Fundraising plugin , or Dashboard plugin, requires FTP?

We are working on a site for a client that wants the Fundraising plugin added to their site. I have donwloaded and tried to install both the file and the file, and when I upload either of them, it is requesting FTP or FTPS info. This seems strange, and I need help getting this plugin installed - for simplistic sake, just the Fundraising plugin for now. I'm attaching a screenshot of the FTP access request. PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA THE FOLLOWING EMAIL, NOT THE CLIENT'S EMAIL: The client did get us the login credentials for his account and going through Wade and Dena (the site owners) will only slow things down. You can request their confirmation that we are working with them on their site, but they are not technical folks, to save us all time, please use my Jamersan email, or copy me on any messages.