Installing Membership on already running WP Multisite/BP community

Quick question before pulling the trigger.

I am attempting to create a system 100% identical to what Sean is talking about here:

My question (in addition to those posed in the above thread) is this:

If my WP multisite/Buddypress community already has a large number of active members (1500 or so), and I install a fresh install of Membership, am I going to be running into any immediate issues that will need resolving?

For example: All 1500 members not being able to access the Buddypress activity stream, or their blog dashboards, etc. etc.

  • Kimberly
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    So glad to hear you are wanting to try Membership!

    You will be fine installing Membership, your users will not have subscriptions or levels assigned to them until they select a membership :slight_smile:

    Please note, if you plan on having multiple tiers of membership it is important that you let your members register and you do not manually add them all. It will cause issues with upgrade options. :slight_smile:



  • MyMiddleEarth
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    Hello Kimberly!

    Thanks for your response, you've calmed my fears for initial installation :slight_smile:

    I am a bit confused by the second part of your reply however.

    Are you inferring that it would be unwise to manually assign a "level" to our ~1500 current members?

    Allow me to take this opportunity to fully explain our intentions:

    We are not looking to create a typical membership model site. No drip content. Very, VERY small amounts of content gating (perhaps just a few 'premium downloads' or such for "paid members")

    More than anything, we want to use Membership to allow a convenient way for our members to "donate" to us on a recurring basis and get some cool perks as a thank you.

    One of those perks being free Pro Site status. Currently we are running Pro Sites as a standalone plugin. But we would ideally (as per that link in my OP) like to tie Membership levels into Pro Site levels so that our paying members automatically get a corresponding Pro Site package.

    This means that in the end, we do NOT want people to be able to sign up and pay for a Pro Site individually. Rather, ONLY the Membership plugin will handle payments and subscriptions if that makes sense, and Pro Sites will continue to handle things in the backend only.

    For our "Free" members, they will receive 100% of our content. The ability to post on our activity stream, groups, forums, create (basic) blogs, etc. As I mentioned, we aren't looking to create drip or content gating.

    So it would be important for us to be able to manually set all of our existing userbase (and all NON-paying members who register in the future) to this "Free Member" status.

    If I understand your reply correctly, this may cause problems?

    I hope this has made sense, I realize it's a complex usage of your plugins. But I assure you that we are THRILLED with WPMU and want to use your products whenever possible. I am really hoping we can make it work for this instance.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you
    Please let me know if I need to add extra clarity to any of my questions.

  • aecnu
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    Greetings Middleearth,

    Kimberly is absolutely correct that the current members would need to be set as free member and then they can upgrade in the future.

    It is my opinion to convert to the Membership plugin that will be easiest on your current users would be to:

    In the plugin itself there is a "stranger level" which is assigned to one of your regular levels, in this case it should be the free level.

    Then assign all you current items to the free level, this way until you roll them all into the free level they should still be able to access everything but as strangers in this case.

    Now start converting them all from stranger level to free level.

    With the new version of the plugin out just today I am wondering if it contains any facilities to possibly make this easier, but that will take some research.

    Before doing anything regarding this, you should make a complete backup of your web site and the database. Then you would want to go right after it implementing the Membership plugin so if anything goes wrong you can restore everything to the moment you started.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Kimberly
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    Thanks Joe!

    I believe that the developer was going to try and address the manual membership designation issue in the latest release. However if you are not interested in having many tiers of membership then you have nothing to worry about anyway.

    You can leave all your members on a Free Stranger level then just offer the one Membership level to subscribe to. You don't need to assign them to any level at all (just let them use the Stranger level, as Joe suggests).

    Hope this helps to clarify!



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