Installing Plugins Fails...


I installed the Dashboard Plugin, then went into it to add the Hummingbird plugin. After a few seconds I get an error message saying the plugin couldn't be installed because of permissions somewhere in the WP files.

Just to let you know, the API key on my profile doesn't match the one on the website either.


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello MyChiroPractice,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    As for API key. Are you referring to the keys that you see on:

    - "WPMU DEV -> Manage" page -> "API KEY" section of your site's dashboard
    - and in "API KEY" section of this page:

    I'm asking to make sure because there's also a separate API key in other location that's used for Snapshot "Managed Backups" so I'd like to avoid confusion. If aforementioned keys are different, are you sure that you have used the same account to login the "WPMU DEV Dashboard" plugin as you are using here to login to The Hub?

    It often happens that our Members have more than one account (e.g. their customer's account was used to login the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin or they had an account earlier that has expired) so I'd like to make sure about that as well before going any further. Let me know please.

    As for Hummingbird/plugins install. I do see that on the site that you assigned to this post, the Hummingbird is installed. That is what our system tells me.

    If you don't see it installed, than it would mean that something went wrong during installation process and our system was informed that the plugin is installed and plugin folder was created on your server.

    An existing plugin folder would cause an error that you are getting. In such case, if the plugin doesn't show up on the list or is inoperable, please follow these steps:

    1. Access your site via FTP or cPanel "File Manager" tool
    2. Go to "/wp-content/plugins" folder
    3. Delete the "wp-hummingbird" folder

    Then try installing it again via the "WPMU DEV -> Plugins" page and it should install fine.

    Best regards,

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