Installing WP Smush

Hello, I was told to do the following by one of your tech support people, who seems to have left for the day. I believe I have done these steps correctly, and I have questions at the bottom of the directions.

could you please follow these simple steps?
1. Download the .zip folder from the below link.
2. Login to WordPress Admin.
3. Click Plugins >> Add New >> Upload Plugin.
4. Click Browse and select the folder you just downloaded. Most of the time it can be found in Downloads, Documents, or Desktop.
5. After selecting the plugin, select the button that says Install Now.
6. On the following screen, you should see a link that says Activate Plugin, click this.
7. In your left sidebar menu, you should see a new menu item just below Dashboard that says WPMU DEV, click this.
8. This will take you to a page to login to your WPMU DEV account. Enter your WPMU DEV email and password and then click the button to login.

At this point, you should have successfully activated the WPMU DEV Dashboard. If you need further help with this, could you please send your admin login in a reply to me? Please send the following information if you would like me to complete this for you.
1. WordPress login URL.
2. Admin username and password.
3. WPMU DEV email and password.

Thanks, can't wait to hear back from you. :slight_smile:

My questions:
OK I am now apparently logged in to my dashboard; it says "Welcome Josh" on upper left, and below that it says "Activity and Earn Points", and to the right it lists some popular plug ins.

Do I now go back to the original page, ie this and click "install and activate" under the icon on the right?