Instant Payment Notification listeners - how to force notify_url to avoid conflicts

Hi, I'm having to set up my integration with PayPal again having upgraded to Membership 2 Pro from Membership. I'm not sure if this is new, but the instructions tell me to set the Instant Payment Notification listener in PayPal. The problem is, I have a full-blown online shop on my site that already uses a listener and the URL for it is set in PayPal.

I see PayPal allows a dynamic listener by passing the relevant address using the notify_url tag when a user pays a subscription. Presumably this is what I need to do when it comes to membership subscriptions through Membership 2 Pro. However, how can I achieve this? Is there somewhere I can force Membership 2 Pro to pass this information to override the default listener I have setup in PayPal for my online shop?

Thanks in advance.