Instant/Scheduled Affiliate Payments

I have a feature request for the Affiliates plugin.

I would like to have some option of instant/scheduled payments to affiliates.

I was searching for something like this and found WP InstantPay today, but it is long outdated. Basically what happens is before a referral checks out there is behind the scenes breakdown of what the seller gets and the affiliate gets. It shoots that data out to paypal before check out and at the time of which a payment is successful the payment gets split and the seller gets their amount and the affiliate gets their amount. A major benefit was no taxes to keep record of because the money never actually becomes possession of the seller. I think this is great but not sure if it poses a security risk and that's why this plugin seems to be nothing now.

The "instant payment" was my idea, which help generate Patrick Cohen's idea "scheduled payments".

I think both ideas sound good, something for scheduled and something for instant (if not a risk somehow).