Installing Membership 2 and the Relations between all the screens in use

Where do I find documentation around the plug-in? I see all kind of pages but I don't undertand the Relations and when which page is used. Is there some tutorial or documentation available.

  • Dimitris

    Hello Caj,

    hope you're doing good today! :slight_smile:

    First, I'd like to share next screenshot, about documentation pages, as we recently changed our site design. URL:

    Where do I adapt the fields my new users have to fill

    In order to do so, you have two different options, that include activating an add-on from Membership 2 -> Add-ons.

    Option #1: Profile fields add-on
    This will give you the ability to add default WP user fields in the registration form.

    Option #2: BuddyPress Integration add-on
    This requires the famous BuddyPress plugin and lets you use the actual BuddyPress registration form, which include any extra profile fields created in BuddyPress settings.

    where do I translate everything in Dutch

    All translations are community based (big thanks to all committers!) and you can find them here:
    Dutch is now on 60%.
    More info on how to add translations and use them can be found here:

    Warm regards,

    PS. Please keep in mind that we're keen on having separate threads per issue, so if you have more queries about Membership (or any other WP related issue), please do reach us here
    in order to start a live chat session or create separate thread(s).

  • Caj

    hi Dimitris, thanks for your answer.

    Is it possible to have different fields (required) for different memberschips? To have my members have themselves registerd, they have to fill in more fields than my donors.

    That makes that I one want's to register as a member, more fields are required, than when someone registeres as friend. In the latter situation, all the fields of members should show.

    Can you help me how to proceed?



    Caj Oosters

  • Dimitris

    Hello Caj

    This isn't possible out of the box, but there's a little workaround that you could use with Profile fields add-on.

    Set the required fields for the membership that has the most required fields there.
    For example, if membership 1 has username and email as required and membership 2 has last name and first name, all four fields should be set as required.

    Then create a little MU plugin (simply create a new PHP file in server like /wp-content/mu-plugins/m2pro-required-fields.php, just create the /mu-plugins/ folder, if it doesn't exist already) and insert the exact snippet in there:

    add_filter( 'ms_model_member_create_user_required_fields', function( $required ){
        if (
            ! isset( $_REQUEST['action'] ) || 'register_user' != $_REQUEST['action'] ||
            ! isset( $_REQUEST['membership_id'] )
         ) {
            return $required;
        $membership_id                     = (int) $_REQUEST['membership_id'];
        $required_fields_by_membership     = array(
            '5091' => array(
            '5112' => array(
        if ( isset( $required_fields_by_membership[ $membership_id ] ) && ! empty( $required_fields_by_membership[ $membership_id ] ) ){
            $new_required = array();
            foreach ( $required_fields_by_membership[ $membership_id ] as $field ) {
                $new_required[$field] = $required[$field];
            $required = $new_required;
        return $required;
    }, 20 );

    Keep in mind to change the $required_fields_by_membership array to match your membership IDs and required fields.

    Warm regards,

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