Integrate a PHP e-Commerce app inside a WordPress site

We have a client that has a PHP e-Commerce app just running in their site for years and they hired us to create a new site for them using WordPress but preserving their PHP e-Commerce app. The PHP app uses a DB2 database and we would need to have a minicart from there in all WP pages. I would like to know if someone here just had to face a similar situation and what was the solution used. We are totally open for all suggestions you have. Thanks!

  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there @marcelo_rocha

    I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

    I have never personally had this sort of situation where that is needed myself.

    So the cart would link through to the e-commerce part? How about loading the app in a iframe within the WordPress site on a dedicated e-commerce page and then using a dynamic link with the cart total and amount of items in the header, would that work for this?


    Kind Regards

  • marcelo_rocha
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    Hello, Jack!
    Thank you very much by your reply, but this was the first thing we thought here. This was part of a comment my colleague made some days ago about:
    "...we can make some adjustments to the existing code and pull everything into WordPress with iframes. This will work, but it means that there won't be any green SSL certificate messages during checkout in the browser and iframe is pretty limited in terms of our ability to make it responsive. It's also much worse for SEO..."
    What we really need would be a code solution. We're about to start to do that but would be cool if we had some references to start from, this was the reason I asked if someone just have faced a situation like that...
    But thank you very much by your reply anyway :slight_smile:

  • marcelo_rocha
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi, Jack.
    Cool for let me know. I'm waiting for the client to create an environment for us to develop the site there. As I have said, their PHP app is using a DB2 database, but unfortunately we don't have access to it. So the WordPress site will be wrapped by this application and what I would like to know is how best way to make they work together...

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