integrate Affiliates with Invite

when a user discovers the nice "invite" feature in their admin they may use it for its intended purpose which is to simply and conveniently "invite" a friend.

they may not at that point remember their affiliate link or think they can take that opportunity to use it as a tool that can be conveniently leveraged for both them and site owner. After all its simply an "invite" feature, hence the name, and not necessarily focused on anything else, hence allowing them to not realise this possibility.

but if they can type their own message, they can surely use it for other purposes, but only if that occurs to them which it may not because there is no prominent reason to. they can only type in manually their affiliate link if this occurs to them.

so why not make that a bit more obvious and beneficial to them and site owner by automatically showing their affiliate link ? this will also allow them to not have to go back and check for their link themselves.

even better can the message section include a WYSIWYG or some other method to link text or hide/cloak in some way the affiliate link ?

look forward to any kind feedback or suggestions on this.

kind regards.