Integrate Fundraising with Buddypress

I got the fundraising plugin for my buddypress theme.

I want to be able to allow each user who owns a group to be able to make a fundraising campaign. Where it says "groups, media, profile" etc. on a users group I also want a tab for Funds. So basically each group will have a tabs for funds where the group owner can create a fundraising project and people can go to the group to fund it.

See picture here:

My website is targeted towards event planning. I want something where you can collect money for a party or if your going on a ski trip with friends they can all pitch in.

Basically I want users to have the ability to create funding projects and have them listed on the group page.

See here a group page:


I want to change the name "groups" to "parties" all across my website, is there a way to do that?