Integrate Google Analytics Goal with Membership plugin

Hi ...

I'm using the membership plugin - it does almost everything I need... :slight_smile:
But I would like to set up a Google Analytics goal for when people have signed up... How could that be accomplished ?
In other words - where do I paste the confirmation code I get from Google Analytics... ?

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  • dennisonwolfe

    I'd like to re-open this (and hopefully help other users here) because I need to get tracking in place on Membership.

    First of all, let's define a few things:

    * Google Analytics doesn't provide confirmation code. In Analytics, you set up a Goal, which in this case is probably a Destination URL, identifying a page on your site that would be considered a Conversion, if reached.

    * Google AdWords does provide confirmation code, which would go on that Destination URL page.

    * In Membership (3.1.1 in my case), you can specify this Destination URL as follows:
    Membership > Options > Membership Pages > Registration Completed Page

    Given the current features of the plugin, I'd say that about as accurate as you can get. However, I'd note that there are some inherent inaccuracies with using this method, namely (1) if someone chooses not to click through back to the site from Paypal, then a conversion won't be recorded, (2) if someone reloads the page or leaves the page and hits "Back" then it will count as two conversions.

    What might of interest as a future feature request would be for Membership to route newly registered members through a process that will ping Analytics with a discrete pageview and then continue them on to the Registration Completed Page. This would work similarly to how 800-number services call to Analytics and allow people to track Lead Generation via Phone Call.

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