Integrate WHMCS into an Existing Pro Sites Website


I plan to have a network using Pro Sites + WHMCS. However, I think I will start using only Pro Sites to be able to start faster and start to see some money :wink: haha.

My question is how easy it is to integrate WHMCS into an existing Pro Sites network. What would happen to existing clients?

Thank you!

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Carlos Divas

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    Unfortunately, no. As Pro Sites & WHMCS use completely different billing systems, existing clients who signed up to your network through Pro Sites would not be automatically moved over to the WHMCS billing system if our WHMCS Provisioning plugin is installed afterwards.

    Only new clients who sign up through WHMCS would be on the WHMCS billing.

    I've asked the lead developer of our WHMCS plugins @Jose to provide more insight into this question, and will post again as soon as I hear back from him... unless he replies here himself. :slight_smile:

  • Jose

    Hello there @Carlos Divas,

    As Pat said above, the WHMCS Provisioning plugin integrates in a single direction WHMCS->Pro Sites.
    Basically, all the selling process occurs on WHMCS side and once the product transaction is complete, it simply trigger the Pro Sites site creation in your WP install.
    So, billings process are not complementary nor integrated in any way.
    If you need to move existing customer’s billing to WHMCS, the only feasible way is to do it manually by re-creating the billing profiles in WHMCS and removing the profile from Pro Sites.
    This process will require a bit of research and testing on the payment gateway as well, specially if you are using recurring payments. If you are willing to maintain the same gateway, you will need to make sure that payment notifications are being sent to WHMCS. If you are switching gateways or using a different business account, make sure that existing subscription do not get duplicated.

    In a nutshell, this wouldn't be related to the WHMCS Provisioning plugin at this point but more to WHMCS billing management.

    Hope this shed some light :slight_smile:


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