Integrated domain registration solution for multisite

In there's an option for domain mapping but also to register/renew a domain name.

Is there a solution/plugin/best practice on how to offer something similar on a multisite server for our clients?

It would be nice to have the domain auto configure the WWW record to the proper IP address and setup email services.

I have a couple "convoluted ideas" on how to make this work but wondered what others have done?

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Yeah, this would be pretty complex. I've never seen a complete solution put together on a self-hosted WordPress install.

    One method I have seen is to provide the ability to purchase a domain name after signup through a godaddy affiliate or reseller program. That would be an easier way to generate a little income - though the configuration steps would still have to be done manually by the purchaser.

  • sixthcore
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    You could possibly plug in a domain purchase plugin to your Hosting management system like WHMCS or whatever.

    Then create a very minimal system that handles this, on your dedicated server or reseller system. Which in turn is iframed into your network with settings that all domains registered are setup through your name servers manager to point to the IP of your network server as a default.

    This could in turn cut out the complexity of getting individuals to register through an affiliate and then have to setup options themselves (thus creating a support nightmare).

    The only settings that the user would have to do is add this through >Tools>Domain Mapping.

    Look its not an easy one but i dont see why it couldn't be done, additionally this would create and maintain a solid ownership chain.

  • Bob Randklev
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Yes we have WHMCS setup on a reseller account connected to ENOM BUT it's not connected to our multisite servers.

    This helps me decide to keep moving in that direction and I agree there are scripts we can embed in WordPress connected to WHMCS to accomplish this. I would likely setup a separate install so we can preset the name servers and A record for www to point to our IP address on the multisite server.

    I was hoping there would be an addon to Support so clients could register their domain names and setup domain mapping at one time :slight_smile:

    Someday maybe,

    Thanks for all the feedback/ideas

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