Integrating and enhancing WP-Multi-Network Plugin to WPMUDEV Plugins

Hi All WPMUDEV Members

It is time to get the WP Multi Network Plugin integrated to WPMUDEV Plugins:

This year there were several articles - also on WPMUDEV - about how to setup Multinetworks for Multisites BUT the WP Multi Network Plugin is not 100% compatible with most WPMUDEV plugins!

To get that done I would recommend to fork the plugin or ask actually the plugin developer to help getting things done for WPMUDEV members -

-Pro Sites
-Managing Sites
-Network Dashboards
-Defender etc p.p.

To get things done faster I would recommend to open up a community contribution git where things could be done together instead of waiting until wpmudev gets in the pipe and has time to have a look at!

I hope for a lot of support for that idea!

Kind regards

  • Andi
    • The Exporter

    As far as I can see there are right now two problems which need to be addressed urgently as I would say!

    1. The wp-multi-network plugin got stuck in version 4.7.8 about one year ago
    2. WPMUDEV Plugins like ProSites, Defender etc need to be adjusted

    1. I will try to contact the developers and will ask them for the current state and if they intend to continue the plugin or not
    if yes fine - and we would need to get them working together with WPMUDEV to get the major and necessary plugins up and running in multi-network - perhaps not easy as development on both sites is very slow.

    2. FORK the wp-multi-network plugin and WPMUDEV plugins and start improving the plugin AND the WPMUDEV plugins by using the power of the community and developing that on an accessible git repository under GNU GPL v.2.

    It is less about choosing or supporting the idea rather than simply doing it and making the necessary changes instead of waiting that ever something will happen, what cause for me already a delay of 1 year!

    I wished WPMUDEV would open up their git repositories so that a professional development of all those things could take place in a GNU GPL v.2 way inside the WPMUDEV community instead!

    We simply need to start!

  • Andi
    • The Exporter

    Here is another nice resource to see what it is and already another WPMUDEV Member is active here too!

    As you can see there are knowledgeable people here in that community which could help to improve all of this if they only would be able to contribute in a professional and not so time-intensive and lots of waiting time involved (years) way!

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