Integrating and enhancing WP-Multi-Network Plugin to WPMUDEV Plugins

Hi All WPMUDEV Members

It is time to get the WP Multi Network Plugin integrated to WPMUDEV Plugins:


This year there were several articles – also on WPMUDEV – about how to setup Multinetworks for Multisites BUT the WP Multi Network Plugin is not 100% compatible with most WPMUDEV plugins!

To get that done I would recommend to fork the plugin or ask actually the plugin developer to help getting things done for WPMUDEV members –

-Pro Sites

-Managing Sites

-Network Dashboards

-Defender etc p.p.

To get things done faster I would recommend to open up a community contribution git where things could be done together instead of waiting until wpmudev gets in the pipe and has time to have a look at!

I hope for a lot of support for that idea!

Kind regards