Integrating CoursePress Pro into Theme


I am trying to integrate CoursePress Pro into X Theme and would really appreciate some help getting started.

I'm not a developer, but feel like I can probably pull this off with some guidance.

To start, I'd like some help on how to create the main Course details page that would appear on this URL: /courses/my-course/

What I can do is drop shortcodes into columns on a page and get them properly formatted with CSS.

What I need help with is how to create these Pages or .php templates so that each course is referenced when its link is clicked. Also, what is the overall process I need to follow to make custom templates for each of the different course pages including what do I need to adjust in settings?

Specifically, could someone explain how I would set up the courses/my-course page? Then I think I should be able to do the rest on my own.