Integrating events+ into another theme

I have a form template that I would like to integrate parts of the events+ plugin.
For example, I would like to show just the remaining places for a particular event when someone fills in the form.
Are there shortcodes to just extract this sort of information?
Also are there examples of custom templates?


  • Vladislav


    As @Jack Kitterhing said, there isn't a shortcode for this. However, you can use this function instead in your custom template: eab_capacity_remaining($event_id). The $event_id parameter is optional, and will default to the current event. For an example, you can use it a bit like this:

    <?php echo eab_capacity_remaining(); ?>

    Since the function call just returns the value, we're also echoing the result out. All this is, of course, when you're using the "Limited capacity Events" add-on. As for the custom templates examples, you may want to have a look in the "default-templates" subdirectory of the plugin, there's a couple of template sets (in subdirectories "default", "calendar" and "full-width") you may want to choose as a starting point in implementing your own ones.

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