Integrating full wikimedia install into buddypress.

I want to integrate a full installation of wikimedia into the buddypress multisite network I am building. The wpmu wiki plugin doesn’t have all of the features I need (transclusion, interwiki links, extension installation, shortcodes, etc.)

I installed wikimedia in a subfolder of my wp directory. I used a wikimedia extension called WPMW ( to force wikimedia to use WP from user authentication.

What I need now is for a each group in buddypress that is created to have its own subwiki. The subwiki should be automatically created when the group is created, but for now I could do it manually. More importantly I need a link to that subwiki to appear in the navigation menus for the group.

Thanks again for your help.

  • Kimberly
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    Sounds like an interesting project! :slight_smile:

    Seems the only reference to integrating has been abandoned

    All I can offer to you for your task is a link on customizing buddypress group menus :slight_smile: I am very eager to hear of your progress as you go if you would be willing to keep us updated. Wish I was more experienced with integration, this sounds like fun!



  • Josh Pollock
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    Thanks Kimberly. I am building a social networking tool for collaborative sustainable design. Currently I’m trying to use wp/bp and wikimedia software to create an alpha version to demonstrate the concept and raise some money to pay for development. I’m hoping once I solve this wiki integration issue to be able to write a tutorial about how to do it.

    The link you gave me is essentially what I need. (Awesome)

    Here is what I don’t get yet:

    I need this new menu item to link to the wiki, but this this method calls for using a slug to define where the menu item links to. Do I need to write a plugin to define a slug that links to the wiki?

    This wouldn’t be a bad thing, as it could potentially be used to automatically create the subwikis I need. If the plugin defined a slug for each group’s subwiki, by creating a link to ‘<? php echo bp_group_name(‘/’:wink:; ?>’ which would create a page on the wiki with the name of the buddypress group.

    Do you think this (creating a simple plugin) is the right approach? If so is there a good guide for writing a plugin like this?

    Thanks again,


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