Integrating marketpress and appointments


We are trying to set up a new site that will offer users the ability to buy a pack of lessons and then whenever they want to come back and book one or more of those lessons in.

I’m thinking we would need to offer the lesson pack as a digital product in marketpress and then write some code to show these lessons in another part of the site. Then they could click on that lesson and go straight to the appointment booking page and choose the date. I feel confident I can get that working, however my issue is others will purchase a single lesson at a time. Is it better to offer single lessons through marketpress as well and then redirect the user to appointments to book in the time?

The difference is, with a single lesson they can book the time and date then and there, whereas with a lesson pack they would book it at a later time and book one lesson at a time.

Do you have suggestions on how to get this working in these scenarios or am I missing something here?