Integrating MarketPress into client portal site

I'm developing a regular wordpress site (not multi-site) and would like to find the best way to enable clients to log into their own, unique portal to access their branded marketing items.

The WP-Client plugin provides a lot of the functionality that I need and am trying to integrate MarketPress so I can setup client catalogs on their portals enabling clients to purchase directly from the site.

Can MarketPress be used for this? It's important that clients are only able to view their catalog items and not others. I think each client could be categorized as their own category, but the category dropdown selection shows up on each page which shows all clients. Is there a way to disable the categories option? Or ... is there a better way to set this up? I'm open to any ideas.

If you offer another portal option I'd be willing to look into that too. WP-Client just provides so much of what I'm looking for that this seems like it would be a good fit.

Thank you!