Integrating MarketPress with Appointments+

In an attempt to find a solution that will allow customers to reserve appointments for multiple services at once, I was thinking to buy MarketPress and use it together with Appointments+.

Before I buy I would like to confirm that Appointments+ will still be able to manage time and workforce correctly.

At the moment, my Appointments+ page is set up without the option to select Service Providers, which means that each service booked is performed by the next available Service Provider. Optimally, what should happen when a customer makes an appointment for 2 consequent services, the system should take into account and show that 1 Service Provider will be busy for the duration of the 2 selected services combined, i.e. if 1 service is 60 minutes and another is 90 minutes, the 1 service provider should show as busy for 150 minutes. Alternatively it can show that 2 service providers will be busy, 1 for 60 minutes and the other for 90 minutes. Either way the system should be able to handle these situation accordingly on regular basis as customer often reserve multiple services for each visit.

I am ready to go ahead and purchase MarketPress as well if it will provide me with a solution, this is very critical to our operation.

Thank you.