Integrating Multisite Blog with Woocommerce

We have a site that was made by a very bad webmaster and trying to update it now so it can all work. We have an online store with affiliates and multisite is enabled so that people can create their own blog based off a template. The thing is that the webmaster created his own version of the editor (or maybe just renamed it from what you provide) and I'm not sure how to integrate woo commerce in it, for example adding short codes so that the default blog has rows of products. I had to create a fake product to test this since each blog seems disconnected from the main store. I'd like to redo the entire template so the top menu and footer are global and the store is integrated on each site a user creates. You are welcome to check my backend, and appreciate your wizardry and ninja-skills as I am new here!

Here is a sample of a blog template where I put in a fake product to test it but can't connect it with the main store.

  • martin

    Hello, yes I am using the New Blog templates plugin and to answer your question, I don't need to add individual products to sub sites themselves, and I have the ignite woo vendor stores plugins for individual stores and they are all added to the main lovearth site. What I do need is help to simply have product rows/categories be available on the theme editor so that users who have their own multisite on can pick some of the products already on the main woo commerce site. The issue is that woo commerce products seem to not transfer to each individual site and with the research I did today I hear that this might not be possible? Perhaps there is another plugin to create individual sites that can all be linked to the main store, or I would be happy with some affiliate extra header for each user/affiliate that would copy the home page for example with an extra banner/section on top for each affiliate. Either way we just need to have each site such as be able to put their choice of products linked there, that all come from the main store on woo commerce. Thank you

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