Integrating Paypal to my Gridmarket Site

So I have been working on a website where I can market and sell my children's clothing range globally and am SO close to getting it where it needs to be but when I test the payment system it just sends the message "There was a problem connecting to PayPal to setup your purchase. Please try again. 10002 - Security error - Security header is not valid" after I have entered all my shipping information. I have created my business paypal account and entered my api username, password and signature into the required fields in store settings but nothing more than this. I'm thinking that there is some other step in the set up process that I am missing and wondering if someone could help as soon as possible as my business partner accidentally started advertising the website so I have customers visiting the site and trying to make purchases when the system doesnt work which obviously doesnt make us look very good :slight_frown: Any help would be appreciated!

Kindest Regards, Ashleigh

  • 3SixtyEvolve

    Hi Ashleigh @Blush

    Hope you're doing well :slight_smile:

    I'm so glad to bump into you here on the Community. Had a look at the website and it is really looking good! You really progressed on the site...

    A quick question. Can I have a look at your PayPal setting to make sure that everything is ok? Is the access still the same? Let me know and I can quickly look into this for you.

    Have a great day and talk soon!


  • 3SixtyEvolve


    Ashleigh, any chance that you can send me the details to your hosting account. I would like to update your WordPress version?

    I would need the link to the hosting login and then also the login details. Same email as before.

    Since you're using an older version of WordPress, it might cause errors with the latest version of MarketPress, so we would have to first upgrade WordPress, then investigate to see if the error is still there with PayPal.

    Look forward to receive your email.


  • 3SixtyEvolve


    Hi dear Ashleigh

    I've on your site and hosting cPanel a couple of times, trying to get this sorted, but here's the problem...

    I had a look at your hosting and tried to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress for you. The hosting doesn't allow me to upgrade to the latest version, doesn't even have the option available. This is a concern for me (for your sake) as I also noticed memory error messages displaying on your WP admin dashboard. It is really essential that you upgrade to the latest version of WordPress as all our plugins are compatible with the latest version and we can't guarantee that MarketPress will work fine with the older version of WordPress. And I can't know for sure if the error with PayPal is non-related to you having the older version of WordPress.

    Let's be in touch via email to try and see what can be done about this.

    Talk soon.


  • camparoo

    One quick question that I have asked many times before, sadly. Who do you host with? Yahoo Business (for example) claims to be able to host Wordpress sites, but this is rather creative info on their part. While, yes, you can use Wordpress with Yahoo Business, most plugins are not compatible, and cause error messages and major site issues. The fact that Wordpress can be used w/o any active plugins really should not allow them to state that their service is Wordpress compatible.

    I agree with Gina B that the inability to update Wordpress is quite concerning!

    If you are unable to install Wordpress on your own with the services your host provides, It may be time to do a bit more hosting research. I know it stinks, but I have had clients change hosts many times due to stupid hosting issues – and I have never had anyone complain when I told them that their new suggested host would provide far better service. Also, with new clients, I do provide a list of hosts that I prefer to work with. This comes with the warning that if they choose to host elsewhere, this is at their own risk. For some odd reason, my clients always choose my suggested hosts.

  • 3SixtyEvolve


    Hi Mary, thank you for your post. Yes, hosting is a very important aspect of having a website and very often the cPanels that are provided with the smaller hosting companies are not well equipped to help users who are unfamiliar with hosting and website management. And they don't keep the scripts updated with the latest versions, often resulting in users having less secure websites. Pity really, because they make their hosting packages sound so enticing and in the end users end up with the hassle...

    Great to have you on the Community and we value your constant input on topics.

    Have an awesome weekend!


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