Integrating Square into Marketpress / Events+
The square reader, point of sale unit for hand held devices, has become really popular and they now have an API.

I'm wondering if you have any plans to integrate Square into Marketpress / Events+. If not, is it anywhere on your radar? We might develop it ourselves if WPMU doesn't have any immediate plans.


  • Luís

    Hi @kaganwine,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    I've just moved this over to our Features and Feedback, so it can be taken into consideration for the next plugin updates.

    Hopefully some other members will show their support for the feature too, the more members that ask for it the sooner it will happen.

    From what I know, there is no immediate plans to integrate it with Marketpress or Events+, it needs to be taken into consideration and evaluated too.

    Cheers, Luís

  • xod Media

    Best bet is to replace MarketPress with WooCommerce. Pretty much all the critical needs in Marketpress, like reporting and feature requests haven't had any further releases. We've been asking for 3 years since 3.x was release on various must haves. Just look at the changelog and you'll see they are a lot of fixes, but nothing new.

    We're slowly replacing all of our clients due to no growth of wpmudev. They're great with support and answering but developing on existing products, like MarketPress, doesn't seem to be going anywhere. They're focusing on security, optimization and managed services.

    I know this sounds negative but do a search on MarketPress feature requests and you'll see the same response; "we'll add it to our feature request". They are not the company they once were. We used to be a champion for their products but are now forced to swapped all of our clients due to the above.

    • kelivi

      xod Media Thanks for your response.
      It's unfortunate that Marketpess is falling behind woocommerce :slight_frown:

      Marketpress should be one of the most feature-packed plugins in WPMU. Combined with prosite, it should be unstoppable.

      Little things like square & shipstation should be part of Marketpress without custom coding.
      The e-commerce world is growing fast & everyone is beginning to switch to woocommerce. Especially since 90% of woommerce extensions are free.
      Marketpress has no room to fall behind!

      James Farmer James Farmer Please look into this :slight_smile:

      Top 4 plugins that should never ever fall behind (at least in my opinion), Marketpress, Prosite, WP smush pro & Hustle.

      You have the community, but this is what keeps us strong.

      Thanks and sorry for all the typos.