Integrating WHMCS MU Provisioning with My Reseller Hosting Account

I develop and manage websites for small businesses using a single multisite installation as a hosting platform. One obvious drawback of this model is the domain registration and email hosting is handled outside of WordPress.

I’d like to set up the WHMCS MU Provisioning plugin in such a way that when a user signs up for an account, it generates both a WordPress user account on my multisite network and a hosting account via my HostGator reseller hosting account. The process I envision works like this:

1. The client purchases a hosting package that includes a recurring annual fee for web hosting plus a setup fee covering the development of his/her small business website.

2. As part of the check out process, the client selects a domain name of his/her choice to be registered.

3. Upon successful processing of the payment, the domain is registered and the client gets immediate access to his/her email features via cPanel.

4. WHMCS kicks off an email with “next steps” related to the development of their website (e.g., submitting content, color preferences, images, etc.).

All of the above would be easy enough to do without using the plugin (based solely on the WHMCS functionality). I need to know how to use the plugin to simultaneously complete #5, which is:

5. The client gets a user account with immediate access to the “premium” small business marketing content on the main blog of my multisite network (an added benefit of signing up).

I don’t want the user to be able to create blogs themselves (I provide this service in exchange for the setup fee). I just need the user account to be created with a particular role.

Is there a configuration that will create both a reseller hosting account and a WPMU user account? If so, please explain.