Integrating WordPress Into PHPMotion


We would like to incorporate a WordPress site into our PHPMotion app as an additional Blog function.

Found a few mods for this purpose like these:

Couple of questions and scenarios.

I assume that if it is important for the blog to appear seamlessly integrated into the PHPMotion site, then the WordPress theme may need to be manually tweaked to accomplish that. Understandable.

However, it seems that integrating them could be as simple as placing a link in the PHPMotion menu to the WordPress site. Right? In scenario 1, each installation could reside on different servers. Which could even be beneficial as the PHPMotion server could be tweaked for its video and media centric purposes and the WordPress server could be tweaked for its purposes.

In Scenario 1 a subdomain could be configured at the PHPMotion domain and redirected to the WordPress Multisite installation using domain mapping. In our case the PHPMotion site is and we could create and point it to a Multisite installation, then just add a link in the main menu of the PHPMotion site and users clicking on it would see in their browsers, so only the design differences between PHPMotion and the WordPress theme would be evident to them. Right?

Question 1: This seems like a much simpler integration solution than the approaches described in the links above or am I missing something?

We already have a very similar scenario in place employing a 3rd Party affiliate management solution and they just roughly mimiced our site header and navigation when users click to (We directed this subdomain to their server IP)

Question 2: What are the SEO implications of this integration strategy?

Suggestions, recommendations, caveats, watch out fors?

Phil D

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Not used PHP motion for a while. But personally I would rather just have something in WordPress with FFMPEG/Mencoder, etc.

    Although not as feature rich, two WP plugins:

    As for integration, the method you describe seems more cosmetic than anything. How are the users details shared for logging into both systems? Do they log in twice?

    You could suggest a fuller, more integrated plugin here:

    Take care.

  • SooBahkDo
    • Syntax Hero

    Hi Tim,

    You are correct, this scenario does not cover single sign on, it just makes the two sites "look" like one from the url perspective. It would be great to have a single signon solution for PHPMotion-WordPress-Affiliate Provider, but that could come later and I see several exist for WordPress and other applications.

    For our purposes, the ready to go, super NO budget value that PHPMotion brought to the table was that it is essentially YouTube made over. As such its design accomodates multiple users submitting, sharing and organizing lots of videos from the front end and the themes are template based and flexible in that regard. While PHPMotion could use LOTS of improvements and we have already put a year into sprucing our install up, its a pretty good fit for us right now.

    While FFMPEG/Mencoder on the WordPress is nice, I am inclined to ofload the heavy lifting for hundreds or thousands of videos being uploaded, converted and streamed to the PHPMotion server so the WordPress Multisite install stays lighter as it will have 200+ sites on it anyway. This was another motivation for the scenario 1 approach to melding WordPress and PHPMotion. Of course the single sign on issue will still remain.

    Do you have any thoughts about the SEO implications of scenario 1?

    Thanks for taking time to chime in.

    Phil D

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    FFMPEG/Mencoder is independent from both systems. WordPress nor PHPMotion do the heavy lifting. FFMPEG/Mencoder are software packages installed at the server level.

    Really all the PHP is doing is passing the processing over to the software.

    As for SEO implications. Your not duplicating content, so all should be well. They are essentially separate websites so would be fine in Google and other search engines. In fact it could duplicate your chances of being discovered. :slight_smile:

    Take care.

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