Integrating WordPress Tutorials And My Theme

Hey Guys,

First, let me just say how much I love all the features and support you guys offer here.

Ok, so my issue is this...

I have a great theme but its having a problem displaying the Wordpress Tutorials on my blog in a responsive way.

I have taken a few screen shots to show you the way the videos display using YouTube, and also how they display using the WP tutorials. I would really like to get them displaying properly on my site so my members will have a pleasant user experience. My theme obviously integrates with YouTube Videos so the blog automatically scales the videos to fit in my different blog layouts.

Screenshots below:

This view shows the blog grid and when I paste a YouTube embed code into a post I do not have to change the width or the hight.

This view shows how the video appears on the single post page for the YouTube Video.

This view shows how the WP Tutorial displays on a single post page. As you can see the video does not scale to fit the content container.

I really hope I can figure out a solution for this because Im not only using your Wordpress Tutorials on my site, but I am also going to be added my own self-hosted videos using the JW-Player.

I just would really like to find a comprehensive way for my members to watch the videos and so far I am not having any luck. :slight_frown:

Thanks for any help you can offer me...

PS. I a also going to take this up with the Theme developers but they only offer limited support and they take forever to response to my threads.