Integrating WP site with external affliate programme


I'm trying to integrate my site with the affiliate programme available here -

I have asked for their support and received a number of replies but I think it's beyond my skill level.

I don't really know the level of detail you will need in order to help so I've pasted an email from the company below...


On 19/05/2016 19:47, API Support wrote:

Hi Ethan,

This is a general overview I initially give to people. Questions might arise so please let me know!

An API is basically a service for you to request and receive data from,
updating data on the API is also possible - although you won't need it for
this specific case. I am not sure how familiar you are with GET requests so
I'll just briefly go over those as well. A GET request is something you
would use to request data from the API. Here: is an example of how to
make a request to us which is requesting information about tour with

curl -H "X-Application-Key: YOUR_APPLICATION_KEY"

So to break it down a little bit, whenever you request data from us, you'll
need to pass us your key - sent over as X-Application-Key. This is given to
you in the application you registered
( is the root of our API and anything you can
request from this root is outlined in the Playground
( The Playground is like a directory for the API - what is available to you.

From the GET request, you'll receive a JSON response. You can see what
response you'll get from what request through the Playground. For example,
it is shown that a GET request for
will return:
"<,wheneveryourequestdatafromus,you'llneedtopassusyourkey-sentoverasX-Application-Key.Thisisgiventoyouintheapplicationyouregistered(,you'llreceiveaJSONresponse.Youcanseewhatresponseyou'llgetfromwhatrequestthroughthePlayground.Forexample,itisshownthataGETrequestfor{>id": "22997",
"href": ""<>,
"product_line": "AABE",
"departures_start_date": "2015-01-07",
"departures_end_date": "2016-12-21",
"departures": {
"tour_dossier": {
"id": "22997",
"name": "Wonders of Borneo"

as it is shown here:

As for Wordpress, one way to integrate our API is to construct an HTML and put our resources into it. For example, say you wanted a few resources from the Best of
Panama in Panama tour you saw on our website (
To be more specific, say you wanted to use:
* a few images (picture + banner)
* title of the tour
* price of the tour
* duration of the tour

Here is the Playground view of the tour: Although you can
request a tour directly, a tour_dossier is a more descriptive version of the
tour information. So this is the one we should request. Which means to get
it through the API, you would need to request from Here you can see the
output of this request: From
this, you can see the name, the duration and the links to download the
images. The price isn't shown on a tour_dossier so you'll need another
request to the API. From the tours page, there is another link which
has prices depending on the currency.

Let me know how it goes,
Thank you,