Integration Between BuddyPress, Membership & Classifieds

I am running BuddyPress, Classifieds, and Membership. All current versions - a fresh install.

I have 2 Membership levels:

Free Membership - intended to be able to view Classifieds but *not* create Classifieds.

Premium Membership - intended to be able to *create* Classifieds as well as view them.

Under my Free Membership access rules, I can of course block */classifieds and */my-classifieds URLS/URI and/or pages, but this doesn't help me with the dynamically created areas of the BuddyPress profile that allow the user to see the "Create New Ad" area within her profile. How do I hide this area within the member profile?

I'm also aware that in the Classified options, I can create a new Classifieds member role - like "FreeMember" and limit that FreeMember role to prohibit creating ads, but I see no way to attach the action of assigning a Free Membership subscriber (under the Membership plugin) to that FreeMember Classifieds role. There doesn't seem to be a way to link the Classifieds role to the Membership access rights.

Bearing in mind, that if the member upgrades her membership to a paid membership, I then DO want her to see the Classified "Add New Ad" area of her profile so that she CAN create ads.

An image to help illustrate:

Thanks so much to whomever can help me with this :slight_smile: