Integration between Signup Code & Pro-sites plugins

I have an integration issue. Have setup Signup plugin to only allow signups with Phrase as I want to have by invite. I then got to the stage where I installed Pro Sites. Now I've unchecked the box to still have this feature enabled. Please see the image. I would like to know where does the Pro Sites level integrate into the process?
Here is what I want:
I basically want to have control over who gets to choose their Pro Sites packages, so that I won't get a bunch of signups

  • Mr Right Now

    Thanks a lot Predrag!

    Basically the clearest I can explain is this.

    1. SignUpCode PLugin (Working )
    2. Terms & Conditions Plugin ( Working )

    3. Pro Sites Plugin only has one box to take over wp-signup.php or dont. If we leave it uncheked step 1 & 2 works Perfect. But does not allow us to select plans after.

    If we Check the box it takes over step 1 & 2, so we need to be able to change it or leave the Box Unchecked whilst directing the Users to Plan Selection inside SignUpCode.

    Want to be able to Use Step 1-2 as It holds the Terms & Conditions perfectly then ideally have a step 3 moving to choice of plans directly after or have the confirmation email inlcude a link to the Pro-Sites plan page.

    Much Apprecaited Guys!

    I have used WPMUDEV for about two years now with lots of lessons learn, this is such a big moment for me as you can imagine as it will finally allow me to open the doors and show how ive integrated and understood all these brilliant assets your team provides!


  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Marcus,

    I was doing some tests on my end to see what could be done as a workaround while developers are looking into Pro Sites and Signup Code issue, and I think I have a possible solution for you :slight_smile:

    First thing is to disable Signup on checkout in Pro Sites so default WP signup is used.

    Now, since WP will allow members to create regular subsite we need to hide this and allow creation of user only, we can do that with small php snippet by adding this code as mu-plugin:

    function remove_site_signup_option(){
    	global $active_signup;
    	$active_signup = 'user';

    Now when this is done your members will be able to create user account on your site but not the subsite as well.
    What you can do now is have a link to your new Pro Site creation page somewhere in your content, the URL will look something like this:

    You can also go a bit further and add the button inside admin bar so it's easily accessible.
    For this you can use our Ultimate Branding plugin:

    When you activate Ultimate Branding you can go to its Dashboard and activate Admin Bar module, this module will allow you to create new button inside admin bar which you can link to your site creation page.

    Would this do the trick for you?

    Best regards,

    • Mr Right Now

      Hi Predrag,

      Managed to implement this into a custom plugin.

      Still not getting it to work as the new user now gets to log into the dashboard but is not being assigned a site, this leaves the new user not to see the custom admin bar button leading to the Pro-Site PLans.

      How long do you think this change will take?

      Just cost me external developer money and its not working as it should, nor am I getting the Terms & Conditions which is vital tools for having paying members.

      Frustrating, I just want to have SIGNUPCODE+TERMS working as they already are but being routed to Pro-Site levels.

      PLease Help,

  • Mr Right Now

    Thanks Alot Predrag,
    Will do my best to try this version.

    Have been working on the settings integration for now.

    Would you know why Tables that I am adding is only showing a certain number?
    How many is that, as right now even if I would activate all the basic features that the plugin comes with there are not enough rows on the front end to display them.

    Is it supposed to scroll down or can Increase this number somewhere to show all features?

    Another two issues, when activating Stripe only it works fine, then I activated Paypal with my business API but then both get blocked during checkout. Why would that happen?

    Ive also had to hire a developer to fix the plugin from hiding under a static image I have in my page design, He fixed it in one place but now after activating the Payment its covering cvc code and process payment button.

    Image 1 ( number of tables question )

    Image 2 ( CSS issues, looks bad but also covers the bottom )

    Thanks Again for your time explaining that first step!


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Mr Right Now!

    Would you know why Tables that I am adding is only showing a certain number?
    How many is that, as right now even if I would activate all the basic features that the plugin comes with there are not enough rows on the front end to display them (...).

    There's no limitation like this. All the features that you add to the "Pro Sites -> Pricing Tables -> Feature Table" configuration should be visible on signup page there. I'd like to check it so would you mind granting me a support access to your site? You can do it on "Network Admin -> WPMU DEV -> Support" page in your site's back-end.

    Why is not all my plugins being displayed?

    Some in this list is not even activated and 80% of the Network activated plugins I have
    is not listed.

    Network Activated plugins will not be there as well as plugins that are not network activated but cannot be activated "per site". The point of these modules is to make available/automatically enable selected plugins for a given site based on a site pro-site level. If a plugin is already network activated - or can only be network activated - it cannot be separately enabled/disabled on one sub-site only so there's no point in showing it up there at all.

    Plugins that you wish to managed with one of these modules (with Pro Sites in general) must be network-inactive and must support "per site" activation (which, unfortunately, is not always possible).

    Kind regards,

  • Mr Right Now

    THanks Adam, Ive figured out the tables now. They are showing!

    Trying to be patient for this WPSIGNUPCODE+TERMS+PROSITES integration.

    as with the quick fix above, its removing the Terms & Displaying that each user can continue to add sites.

    The beauty about the SignUp code is that we can lock down who gets to fill out the form and have terms and conditions displayed as a mandatory checkbox.

  • Mr Right Now

    Hi Panos,

    Thanks for your reply. I just implemented the changes and am still at a loss.

    Is it possible to achieve this without these upgrades to the entire plugins?

    Right now implementing your change and Predrags change above.

    We are looking at these results with and without the Pro-Sites check box for wp-signup takeover.

    1. With = Sends to you must log in before reaching plans selection page ( this option completely removes user sign up which we would then manually have to create user + site then send user login to sign up to select packages )

    2.Leaving Wp-signup unchecked sends us to the same message but without login. ( this option now disables signup + login completely at /wp-signup.php URL but allows for direct access to .... this would require us to write a script to this latter address in emails and then rewrite the signup process steps.

    Please Advise,

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Mr Right Now,

    I'm afraid that this is not possible out of the box with Pro Sites and it would require custom development to have it working that way.

    If you need to customize this then you can post a job in our jobs board where you can hire a developer to assist further:
    Please note that, no WPMU official staff members are allowed to work in the job board.

    Best regards,

  • Panos

    Hi Marcus!

    Regarding the fix I provided, it is for allowing the Signup Code to work in the checkout page of Pro Sites. This fix will be included in next release of Signup Code plugin.

    I am not sure I understand what you are describing here:

    1. With = Sends to you must log in before reaching plans selection page ( this option completely removes user sign up which we would then manually have to create user + site then send user login to sign up to select packages )

    Do you mean if ProSites is active it requires you to log in once you visit the pro-site checkout page? If so, in network settings ( network admin > Settings > Network Settings ) under the "Registration Settings" make sure you have "Both sites and user accounts can be registered." selected.

    Also could you try saving ProSite settings one more time and visit the checkout page (by default it is I think yours is /membership-plans/).

    If you still get it asking to log in please activate the Support Access ( ) so we can have a closer look there.

    Of course if you are talking about something different please let us know :slight_smile:


  • Mr Right Now

    Hey Guys, So I finally got this fix to work and my signupform with terms and conditions is now showing up at the bottom of Pro Sites package selection.

    Very happy about this!!!! :slight_smile:

    The fix above to also include the signup form Code also works great but Ive noticed that it seems to take over the Creating New User anywhere in the entire Multisite without signup code, which is not in the back.

    How do I enable the SignUp Code to remain active as it is now, but disable it when creating new users in the Dashboard?

  • Patrick

    Hi there Mr Right Now Happy New Year! :smiley:

    I've just installed Signup Code & TOS plugins along with Pro Sites and they all appear fine on my checkout page with New Blog Templates &CIMY Extra Fields in the mix as well.

    However, I do not see any interference from the Signup Code plugin in the admin when creating either users or sites from there. Can you provide a screenshot of what you see in your admin?

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