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Hello All,

I'm working on a membership site of a client of mine that integrates the classifieds plugin available here at WPMU Dev.

Here's what I'm curious about: How to I make sure that only paying members are able to post classifieds but the general public can see any of the posted ads.

I don't want to use the credit system available in the classifieds plugin. I would like to include unlimited classified ad posting to any of our "basic" membership level members.

I don't see any rules in the "edit membership" area that are pertaining to the creation of classifieds ads.


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    Hello foodin65,

    Using the latest beta version of the Membership plugin you can effectively achieve that.

    The latest beta version provides URL Groups where you can specify URLs which you'll be able to restrict access to. So to restrict access to creation of Classifieds, you could just restrict access to the URLs where users would create the classifieds.

    For instance, you could create a URL Group called "Create Classifieds" and enter the following URL.

    You could then drag and drop the URL Groups rule into the negative rules area and check off "Create Classifieds" for any membership level you don't want to be able to create classifieds.

    I'd have to double-check the URL for classifieds, as I'm pretty sure the URL I listed above is distinctly for BuddyPress Classifieds integration. Also, the URL can utilize what are called "regular expressions" to achieve any combination of URL configurations such as the above, where the username (which in the above case is "admin") may vary.

    But in general, this should work just fine.


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