integration not working with whmcs 6.0

I set up a dev site with whmcs 6.0 to test whmcs modules and and add-ons before upgrading my production site. I am also using a new wp theme.

You can view the test here:

I have plugin set to autodetect template. Remote host =

Why is it asking for portal template when that is not included in ver6? When I change remote host to production site it works correctly and I get the usual whmcs portal

Your website claims cer 1.3 plugin is compatible with whmcs ver 6 and I am using fresh download.

  • Jose

    Hello Dean,

    Hope you are doing great today.

    The auto-detect feature is intended to provide a fallback during a transition from WHMCS 5 to WHMCS 6.
    Basically, the auto-detect will use the latest template configured in your plugin. I guess you where using it with your production WHMCS install?
    In any case, it is recommended to explicitly choose 'six' or 'portal' if you already transitioned and everything works as expected.

    Why is it asking for portal template when that is not included in ver6?

    If you already used the plugin with 'portal' template, it is likely cached as a 'working' template.
    You can still use 'portal' template in WHMCS 6 by copy/pasting the template into the templates folder.

    Summarizing, the recommended settings then would be to use 'six' template in your WHMCS install and explicitly configure the plugin to use 'six' template.
    Alternatively, you can install 'portal' template in WHMCS 6 and configure the plugin to use 'portal' template.

    Please let me know if this works as expected for you.


    • Jose

      I agree that the switch to six template is not straightforward. Everything has changed and we depend entirely on what the new UI provides. So, there is no way to keep the same shortcodes/widgets functionalities.

      The new UI in six template relies on bootstrap not only for CSS style but also for JS interaction (data filters, forms, etc). So, getting rid of it is not an easy task.
      If at some point you have the time and the need to fully customize the look in your WP integration, you can use the following define in your wp-config.php to dequeue the styles from six template and then enqueue your own styles:
      define('WHMCS_LOAD_STYLES', false);
      and the following to dequeue bootstrap styles:
      define('WHMCS_LOAD_BOOTSTRAP', false);

      Hope this helps :slight_smile:


  • Jose

    Hey Dean,

    The widgets from 'portal' template doesn't exists in the new UI provided on 'six' template, therefore there is no way for the integration to make it work. Keep in mind that the integration is just a proxy and it will show the same UI that is shown in the original template.

    For the issues with orders in 'portal' template, could you please elaborate a bit more? is there some error message, redirection, white screen? Any information may be useful to spot the cause and provide a fix.


  • Dean

    When using portal theme in some cases it is a white screen in others I get "an error has occured." Interestingly, when there is a product with a text box for "further instructions" the error is in that before checking out and on first page of cart landing.

    But I'll stick with 6 for now. Maybe if I change page with the side bar to full width and two columns I can get some shortcodes to work

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