Events+ : Integration of Google Calendar into Wordpress

I know this has been discussed ad-nauseum in many forums (even on Google forums), but I wanted to generate some discussion to see if there are any new ideas that I've not found yet. I literally wasted a week of development work on a BuddyPress site a couple of months back trying to integrate a BuddyPress installation with Google Calendar. It appears that you can pull a Google Calendar into your WP site, but using iCal to update a Google Calendar from your WP site is worthless as it doesn't seem to work and I read discussions over the past several years of postings that all say the same thing.

So, I'm here looking for input and discussion. I've got a very simple WP website that I built for a local Homeschool Athletic League (when I say simple, I mean free, so I put in the minimal time to make it functional). They are using Google Calendar to keep their team schedule, but didn't let me know that, so I was using the Events Manager plugin on their website (not Events+ from WPMU Dev, but the one in the WP Repository). Now that I know they are using the Google Calendar, I'm going to drop the events plugin and integrate their Google Calendar into their website.

However, of all the WP/Google Calendar plugins out there, I've tried a lot of them and found issues with each on them in the past. Before I delve into this trek again, I wanted to see if anyone on the forum had suggestions for a good WP/Google Calendar integration plugin (simple is best if at all possible).

If you want to see the very simple site as is, visit HALO.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/help.