Integration of Marketpress and Affiliate plugins

Im not sure why the previous question was marked resolved when I had further questions to add to it and no one really resolved it...

I have signed up a test user as an affiliate. In the admin area for that user, there is the affiliate information - stats and such. However, when I go to the main administrator page for the Affiliates plugin, there are not any affiliates shown. Why is this?

The description for Marketpress reads:

"Coupons, discounts and affiliate ready"

How is it affiliate ready and how does one implement this if not in the method that I'm attempting?

I want to be sure I'm on the right track here - the affiliate plugin says that it works great with the marketpress store set up. Obviously, I want to offer people an affiliate link to get a commission from people who use their link. What isn't obvious is how these two things can work together. I really would like to not feel I'm wasting time and money on this. Can someone tell me how these things work together and what the best way to make that happen is? (because it's not entirely obvious)