Integration questions

I would like to have some things clear in my mind before I proceed to play around on a live installation. I will be installing Multi DB so please keep that in mind if any of the following combinations have issues.

Pro Sites:
- Can I give virtual currency per month to pro site members?
- Can people use the virtual currency to buy Pro Site upgrade levels?

Market Press:
- Is there any integration ie use virtual currency to make purchases?
- Are there any plans for this integration?

The main things I'm trying to do is create a review website of software. Then create a Market Press store where the buy buttons are my external affiliate links. Then give the person a rebates in virtual currency. The several cherries on top would be:

- % rebate or set rebate per product
- delay rebate disbursement for X number of days globally
- being able to delay disburse X number of days per product basis
- a global list of disbursements
- per user list of disbursements
- and being able to cancel disbursements and provide a reason
- per disbursement indication of being able to "cash it out" or not

I will most certainly have to take care of most of this manually in the beginning. But is there any integration of the virtual currency with other plugins? If not is there any integration planned in the future?