Integration with a forum

How does this integrate with a forum?

  • DavidM
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    @jcnjr, I believe rtysmith was referring to the Membership plugin integrating with a forum, though sometimes the forum tags get a bit confused so I'm hoping that's correct!

    @rtysmith, if you're referring to integrating Membership with your forum software of choice, it really depends on how that forum software works.

    If it uses urls for all its functionality, it should be a rather simple matter of using URL Groups in Membership to restrict access to that functionality. It's an incredibly powerful feature that you can use to restrict access to pretty much any front-end url.

    You may also be able to achieve what you want using the WordPress roles integration with membership levels as well. So if the URL Groups wouldn't work in your case, you could take a look into that option.

  • Ovidiu
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    check this out:

    I admit I didn't get it the first few times either when this new layout was implemented...
    you write a new post, chose the plugin concerned but when visitors read the topic, the plugin concerned is only visible at the top right :wink:

    that answers your WHAT question, as to which forum, take out your crystal ball :slight_smile:

    @rtysmith: as suggested use simplepress forum or learn how to integrate bbpress OR wait a few months until bbpress becomes a plugin and use that one :slight_smile:

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