Integration with Directory

How hard would it be to integration the affiliate program with directory, since a new version is coming and all that?

  • DavidM

    Hi Kruzen,

    That's a good question! And actually, if you'd like integration with Affiliate and general Directory functionality right now, you can use the Membership plugin alongside Directory.

    In that scenario, Membership would handle all the purchase transactions and registrations, and the membership levels in Membership could easily be linked to the Directory Member user role, at which point Directory takes over and does its thing.

    It's actually a benefit using Membership alongside Directory since it already provides much more customization options as far as the registration and gateway setup is concerned.

    As another option, savvy code-minded folks could use the following article from the blog to get started with integration themselves.

    That said, we can move this thread on over to the feature suggestion forum where we can gauge how many others might be interested in that integration with the two plugins. Just let us know! :slight_smile:


  • Kruzen

    re-opening this since I've got a question.

    I looked at membership and it's not going to work at all for what I need to do (in a manageable way at least).

    What would you recommend is the best way to handle this:

    Say I have:

    30 sites in a multisite install.
    I want to add the ability for people to register at the Top-level-domain (which controls all of the subdomain installs) and be able to refer signups (to any of the subsites) and get paid for it.

    I looked into membership, and the main problem with that is i'd have to setup membership rules for every single subsite, which would be a nightmare for management since all I need it for is a login system.

    I understand that I'd run into problems with integrationg the affiliate plugin with directory, as each affiliate would have to sell signups for each subsite, rather than from the top site.

    That's a better alternative to managing membership for all of the subsites, however also not desireable.

    Can you think of a way that this could be done? Even with custom development.

  • DavidM

    Hi Kruzen,

    Really sorry I missed responding on this one! There's actually quite a few threads dealing with Directory theme customization, though there's nothing in specific covering integration of the Directory theme with Membership functionality.

    It could possibly be as simple as editing the signup link though, which I think is the only thing you'd need to adjust.

    It would probably be best to do this by creating a child theme of the Directory theme, which has actually been given its own tutorial in the following thread!

    That said, if you'd like for users to register only at the top-level domain, that really would not be an issue at all, as Multisite works that way by default, routing users to the top-level for registration.

    More so, you could simply have affiliate referrals occur only through the main site, where the registration occurs, so affiliate information is setup there.

    Would that work for you?


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