Integration with e-Newsletter

I see there's an integration between Hustle and e-Newsletter, but it seems very light.

I have a couple of questions regarding how to get the two plugins integrated and how they work:

1. The integration option in Hustle settings page is for email list syncing. I guess that means you can capture using Hustle and it'll inject into e-Newsletter's list. Is that all it does?

2. I've configured e-Newsletter for double opt-in, but when I add an email through Hustle it goes into the members list but doesn't trigger the double opt-in option. Is this correct? I'd like to use double opt-in, but Hustle doesn't appear to have it as an option for this itself either.

3. When you're configuring an opt-in with Hustle, and you're not in Test Mode, it requires you to connect to an email service, however e-Newsletter isn't in the list. Is there a guide on how to configure these two plugins together, because it's not perhaps as obvious as I'd hope?


  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi itsnotrocketsurgery,

    When you're creating your opt-in you need to enable "Save Emails to local list" option and leave "Test Mode" disabled, this will allow you to proceed to next step.

    When that is done go to Hustle > Settings and you will see e-Newsletter integration panel there where you can select which opt-in you want to sync with e-Newsletter.

    That should explain questions #1 and #3 :slight_smile:

    About #2, this is something we have reported to our devs and we should see fix for this in future versions so that double opt-in option from e-Newsletter works with Hustle subscriptions.

    Best regards,

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