Intelligent BuddyPress Activity Filter for private networks

A BuddyPress activity filter would be a killer feature especially for private networks. It’s an incredibly powerful private community building opportunity.

School sites and intranet-type sites rely on intelligent activity stream filtering to increase engagement and interaction. Students and active online employees use this to great effect. This group of users might be a smaller, but significant set of Incsub customers.

In our case, we’re not using BP private messaging, AND using a private (password protected) BP network. Therefore, interaction on the Activity Stream becomes essential as a fully public (even a “private” non-Google-able) Activity Stream is not an option either.

Is Incsub or Edublogs considering or working on this?

The current implementation in Multisite Privacy focuses on site privacy only, which gives the private network Activity Stream short shrift. However, I’m very happy to see this plugin moving into the BuddyPress arena. A whole Network Privacy approach based on one plugin instead of one for Multisite and another for BuddyPress seems a good direction to me.

This topic crops up in some of the recent discussions and Phil has asked me to post here to see if there are any +1s or discussion.