interactive courses with "CoursePress Pro"


is it possible to insert or link somehow to an “Adobe Captivate” or “Articulate Storyline” in the “text” element when building the “units” ?

i have found the following ;

this allows inserting into posts, but not certain if it would show up when building the “text” element of “CoursePress Pro”.

it costs $99 and i am thinking there should be a simpler solution.

i am of course (no pun intended hehe) specifically referring to the interactive presentations as compared to just simply video.

The interactive presentations when published from “Adobe Captivate” or “Articulate Storyline” would output a folder or zip file made up of numerous files and folders.

so how can we separate from the rest and up the game by integrating these wonderful interactive and responsive e learning presentations rather than the usual text, video and images ?

These programs are very robust, expensive and have a bit of a learning curve and may be worth it for some ; so possibly simpler interactive presentation with something like “Edge Animate” ?

again, how would this be inserted into the “text” element when building the “units” ?

possible you can provide an html element or iframe to link to these folders ?

any kind feedback, thoughts and suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.

kind regards,